Friday, January 14, 2011

random spews

i realized i only speed like a mad cow when i m alone in the car. when i am fetching a passenger, i drive like an old cow

i realized i truly love the companion of my cousins a lot. every time hang out with them, i feel truly happy and blessed that we have such close relationship! :D

i admit i m bitchily surprised when my estranged cousin accepted my friend request.

i need to learn how to be subtle.

i dont know why, but i feel like a heavy weight has suddenly lifted off my shoulder and somehow, i dont feel depressed that much anymore.

i also admit this feeling will only last for a short while. i doubt my depressed half will lemme go that easily. i sound like i have schizophrenia or something, right? maybe i do?

i m super duper excited that baby Zachary will be greeting us real soon! :D

i m having a lot of random crushes currently. crushes. very fleeting crushes. like one hour crush or something? i love myself too much to love other ppl la ;)

i am broke, as usual. donations are welcome. thank you very much.

the end.

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