Saturday, January 15, 2011

Aunty Ruby is in town!

Just came back from lepaking with Aunty Ruby, Gladys and Harrison at Aunty Ruby's big assed suite in Sunway Resort. I would love to have a chance to stay there for free once! I m too kiam siap to pay RM1200 per night la! ;-) it was really nice catching up and listening to them discuss current affairs and listening to Aunty Ruby telling us funny stories about her weird guests! :-) i always have this warm fuzzy feeling whenever i meet up with Gladys or Aunty Ruby! They are seriously really nice and positive and i should have more of these ppl in my life! :-) thanks for the simple and yet nice night people! :-)


  1. Thank you. :) I am all fuzzy now. Geezz............

  2. lol! no, i should thank you ;)