Wednesday, December 1, 2010

weird weird dreams

i had the weirdest dream this morning between 8.05am to 8.30am.

i dreamt that minger and i were at the luxurious seaside hotel / resort and i thought it's the Four Seasons. But after some googling, i realized it's The Shutters at Santa Monica Beach. I've heard of this place before, never been there nor seen the picture before. Somehow it appear in my dream. The funny part was, there was a huge storm and 5cm were there too and i asked him tsunami happening soon issit? and then he went to this lcd touch screen monitor thingie and showed me the world map, satelite view, and used his hand to move the screen and show me where the tsunami started from... (apparently japan) and while gliding the screen, i saw a palm shaped and footprint shaped archipelago - supposingly Philippines (weird, i know). then the next thing is know, the storm got worst and the wind was so strong that we almost flew away. i crawled over to where minger is and got her to hold on tight to the pillar. then i saw the opposite 2 storey building that look like my ex highschool which was constructed using some kinda old school concrete that's meant to last for centuries. we all ran with all our might to the building and i can see the tsunami closing in... right when we are about to reach the entrance.....

i woke up =.="

dont know wat's with these weird dreams lately. the last dream was kena chased by giant turtles =.="

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