Tuesday, November 23, 2010

chain reaction.

i suddenly decided to search for my ex colleagues in Singapore on FB. 1st, i found 3 of them and then from their friends list, i found more (ya ya, i know, that's how FB works). the thing is, this exercise sure brought back loads of memories. happy, angry, disappointment, but most of all, it's the fun we had together as a team.

i remember we have activities every month. coz we had this really good team leader who will make sure that there are activities planned on our off days. coz our off days are usually on weekdays.

going thru all those pictures, i am amazed how some doesnt aged at all, how some aged so much that i cant recognize... even the names sounds familiar to me, but i dont really recall them. then i saw the team leader's nieces and nephews. omg! they all look so old now! i remember them as really fun kids that we used to entertain when we were all at some holiday chalet :D

those were the good old days. and honestly, seeing some of the names, i realized how bad my memory is. very very bad.

and also realized how much i've changed. :O

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