Monday, December 6, 2010

The event that leads to Keiji Satako leaving...

the wedding weekend started on Thursday evening when Kaiyeh gave us a surprise visit. He decided to come up 1 day in advance to spend some quality time with Keiji Satako before she migrate over to HK for good. Linda cooked dinner for us and we started to help out with the door gifts. Left them at around 11pm.

Next day, i dengan tak tau malu-nya invited myself over for the ice breaker dinner :D The in laws are in town. And they are seriously really nice and warm ppl :) After dinner, the grandmother in law wants to eat durian. So we popped over to the nearby durian stall to order 1 big durian and 3 coconuts. we were too full from the dinner. the bill came up to be RM112!!

Saturday came, Minger and I decided to get ready earlier and leave earlier since we heard it's super jam in downtown kl. i was pretty blind that day coz i decided to be hiao and not wear my glasses (cant wear contacts coz the damn lens refuse to latch on to my eye T.T) so basically, i was blindly walking and taking food from the buffet line. Honestly, i dont really enjoy the food. But it's the company that counts, so it's ok :)

Sunday, the day of the departure. We all went to the airport to send them off. it was ok in the beginning. As we were walking towards the departure gate, we are all joking and laughing and then took som pictures. When they finally need to leave us, the big bear hugs came... then as she walked off, Linda cannot take it and started to hug Minger and sobbed. and that's when all the tears start flowing freely from all of us. my baby cousin is leaving the nest :( seriously, everyone was shedding tears. :(.... i will miss my baby cousin alot :(



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  1. created an instant swimming pool in the airport !!!