Wednesday, December 15, 2010

worst trip ever in heaven level one

... ya... it was heavenly there but went with wrong ppl which makes it the worst trip ever.

joel gave me hypertension coz i thought he couldnt make it for the trip at the last minute

small cow did something stupid which almost spoil the trip. but she act like nothing happened just to save it from the worst trip ever.

lm.... snore so damn fucking loud that i couldnt sleep well for the whole trip. and whenever she wakes up half way from her sleep and asked me how come i havent sleep, i dont know how to tell her coz she fucking snore too damn fucking loud! then the final night there, she lamented to me that this is not a holiday at all coz she didnt have enough rest. i was pretty pissed then but i didnt wanna spoil the trip so i ignore her. she is the last person who has the rights to say she doesnt have enough sleep when i couldnt even fucking sleep for the whole trip! then to make the matter worst, the next morning during breakfast, she stabbed us in front by telling Aminah that she will not go with us anymore coz apparently our smoke makes her nose hurt. harlow??? how come never hear u mention the whole trip??? if you have a fucking problem with us, tell us! not bitch about us to other ppl in front of us! that's so damn fucking bitchy and rude! you know fucking well we are all smokers, you should be prepared for it! and if u are not happy with us smoking, tell us! or you expect us to be your fucking mind reader? that we can read ur mind? sorry lor, we cant!

no more next time. this is indeed the worst trip to heaven level one. next time, i will just fucking go alone!


  1. sorry to hear bout that... sigh... yeah, do agree. right company is most important.

  2. Yea. At least i've learnt my lesson la :(