Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1 question. how come the newspaper pixelate the rapist cab driver's yong sui face but the tv is openingly showing his face leh?

i think he will be beating and tortured like mad when he masuk jail wei. he might get gang raped :P

but seriously speaking. he is damn sicko lor. what is even more sicko is his accomplice is actually an 18yrs old girl. like wtf? ok la.. her parents claimed that she was an unwilling party (erm.. does this mean that the parents actually know of these activities and not do anything about it???) but still, she should do something about it right? i mean ppl should know how to differentiate between right and wrong leh...


everyday read newspaper also got disturbing news.


  1. I really do not know how come he can get away with it for so long.