Thursday, June 3, 2010


i cant stand ppl who always act like they are so level headed when others are fucking pissed over some issues. yes. act. example? lemme think...

2 aunties quarrelling with an uncle over the fact that the uncle conning them off some money. then come this idiot who dont know head nor tail dishing out advise and condemning the aunties. just coz the aunties make more noise than the uncle. then to make things worst, the idiot act as if he is so above everyone and everything and the issues between the aunties and uncle is so minor that they should just shuddup.

but hor... if the situation is turn around and it's the idiot that kena conned by the uncle, warao eh... the idiot will create such huge drama until bring every single passerby into the fight.

ya. something like that la. for the past 2 days there's this particular idiot that sort of cross my path and i m trying my very best to not lose my cool over such ignorant idiot.

maybe there's a name for such character... but since my vocab is limited, i cant think of any :P

there's also a case where this ignoramous complain about a certain place saying the place is lacking of scenery but in actual fact he is just stay in the bloody hotel all the time and didnt even venture out or ask the locals.

couch potatoes complainer. that's what they are.

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