Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the trip up north

last weekend big boss, lady boss, kaizen, finger and i went up north to meet up with our supplier and the drivers.

we were summoned by the big boss to arrive office at 7.30am but when we came at 7.15am, we received an sms from lady boss telling us that they will be late. by the time they came and we leave, it was already 8am. the traffic was pretty bad going up. what with the public holiday and the school holiday... anyway, we arrived Alor Setar at around 1 something. that is like fucking slow alre. coz boss couldnt speed at all. we headed straight to LK's house and by then we were fucking famished. Boss went into their kitchen and got a bowl of kon loh mee for us to share and a few cans of budweiser :P we went for lunch somewhere not long later. we had in total about 7-8 dishes but i tak sempat to take photo coz i was too busy stuffing my face. the food is damn good :D the signature dish is stir fried fish slices and trojan lala *slurpz*

after lunch, we headed straight to eat the best char kueh teow i've ever tasted. omfg... the thought of it makes me salivate all over again. nah... show u...

yup, the prawns are huge and fresh and alot! and the see ham is juicily bloody... *slurpz*

after the ckt, we went over to LK's office for a short meeting (yes, we went there to work). After the short meeting, we went over to LK's place to lepak. that was around 2something 3something. and that's when all the drinking started. we drank and drank and drank. then the son tapau durian sticky rice (just like the thai mango sticky rice except that it's durian :P) and laksa utara and we whacked also (yes, our stomachs were sort of bottomless this trip) then LK's wife cooked yummilicious dinner for us...we had very early dinner but i dont remember what time coz i remember looking out and it was still bright =.=" i only managed to take 3 pix :P

this is Gulai Udang... omfg... it's so damn fucking good wei :D

Potato chicken... yumz.. :D

drunken chicken... the wine is homemade... damn shiok! :D

After dinner we continue drinking and drinking and drinking. then LK suddenly pick up his phone and called the hotel to book 3 rooms... so we assume we must be staying a night in Alor Setar instead of Butterworth as planned. And we continue to drink.

wine cooler.. damn yummy :D

then at around 10pm, LK suddenly asked us: Eh seriously la, where are u guys gonna stay tonite? and all of us were like o.O ha?? then only he confessed he was just pranking us, he did not make any call at all =.=" warao eh! we were so damn bloody char dou lor! so dengan rakus-nya we tried booking rooms. and thank goodness Star City Hotel has 3 rooms available - if we check in at 11.30pm. which we all thought, sure, no problem. and so they continue to drink. and drink. All in all, we drank 6 bottles of red wine, 48 cans of budweiser and 4 bottles of wine cooler. then LK suggest we go over to his parent's place as they were having BBQ party. and so we went and drank more Heineken. we missed the checked in time. called the hotel to tell them we will check in at 12.30am instead. but by 12.45am, we were still there coz boss was pretty drunk and were trying his very best to match made Finger and LK's pretty niece. obviously fail. coz Finger refused to talk =.="

By the time we checked in, it was already 1.15am. i had the best sleep ever coz i had the room all to myself and i can use all 4 pillows :D so good until i overslept :P

checked out at around 9.30am and we met LK for curry laksa breakfast. damn nice! Left Alor Setar around 10.30am and went straight to Sunway Seberang Perai to meet up with the drivers and Jenny & Bf. head over to Pematang Pauh for yummilicious lunch.

Nah, name of the makan place. somewhere in Permatang Pauh. dun ask me for directions, i wouldn't know :P but u can google la... :D

this steamed red snapper is to die for! so good that we ordered it twice :P

wild boar curry. i didnt eat any coz i am not adventurous in meat :P

love love love this poh peah... :P ya, it's call poh peah there and not hae peah... dont ask me why :P but we ordered it twice also, upon my request la :D

boiled octupus with garlic oil and dipped with crushed peanut chili sauce. damn good! but i think the Bukit Tambun one is nicer :P

steamed lala.... damn nice also! but will be better if it's trojan lala... the 1st time we went in november last year, it was trojan lala. but this time round, the trojan lala habis alre, that's why we ordered this. nice also la :D love the soup :D

fried bee hoon. they do not serve rice at all. if u wanna eat rice with all these dishes, u will have to bring ur own rice. =.=" seriously! the previous trip there, i saw few tables brought tupperware full of white rice

After the lunch, we went into Penang Island. Jenny brought us to Bukit Genting Hill Eco Park at Balik Pulau area. The view is really breathtaking wei! i never knew Penang Island got padi field until i went there lor! and on the way up, you can see a lot of durian trees :D we lepak there till about 5pm and then went down to hunt for durian. ate some durian but it's not that good la... then we head back south....

on the way back south, the traffic was pretty bad. slow moving. we decided to exit at Bidor to makan at Pun Chun, the famous duck drumstick noodle. as i m not a duck fan, i ordered their wantan mee. nice! :D

after eating and buying the cookies, we head back south. very bad traffic still. by the time we arrive office was already 11something 12.

it was a very tiring, fun and full trip :D and i think we are going up again soon :D


  1. just had nasi lemak for breakfast but after reading your blog, i feel like driving up north for the foods now.. hungry !!!!

  2. lol.... u going in less than a month's time mah....