Tuesday, May 4, 2010

thoughts that needs to be purge outta my brains...

call me cynical if you want. but that boy giving a press conference about the shooting of his friend sounded damn fishy. he looked too calmed having his friend died on his lap and he looked like he has been memorizing his script. and i think he is being paid by someone to politicize the whole thing.

also issit me or raping cases are getting more and more rampant? issit becoz of the easily accessible porn in the internet that trigger those sex maniacs to behave like that? maybe before easily available porn, they are able to control themselves.... but now cannot coz watch too much porn? and no, i dont believe it's the victim's fault if she dress sexily.

also, it feels as if like the 2012 prophecy is coming true? so many earthquakes for the past few months! are we all gonna die then? :D if we are, what's the whole bloody purpose of our existence?? i mean like harlow? live until 36 yrs old achieve nothing, then die coz end of the world. or live life to the fullest doing all kinda things and then die. so do all those things for what? still will die what. so the reason / purpose of us living is....??

new sandiwara is happening from an old nemesis. we are monitoring her closely.

after living for 33+ years i've finally tasted sri lankan crab. i can die in peace now. niama, it's fucking good wei! the meat is damn padat lor! definitely gonna eat it again soon!

i have ran outta steam. bye.

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