Wednesday, May 5, 2010

cheating on tea eggs

i was kinda tulan yesterday. and then suddenly i feel like eating tea eggs. and i dont know what happened, i just suddenly wish to cook tea eggs. and then i started to google on the recipe. ok, look simple enough, tea leaves, eggs, cinnamon, star anise and liberal amount of salt. the more i think about it, the more i got excited. so i fast fast drive outta my office area. then on the way to carrefour, i started to be fickle minded again. i stated to think, alamak! need to get a cloth to make it like a bag to put the tea leaves and the spices in, if not sure damn messy one! then i started to sort of have a second thought. then i decided carrefour couldnt possibly sell good tea leaves (i had this notion that the tea leaves needs to be good to make good tea eggs) so i decided to go to herbs & food in Subang SS15 (totally forgotten that another reason why i wanna go Carrefour is to collect my free trial contact lens!)

when i reach there, i decided to ask the uncles what do i need to make tea eggs. and he being a smart ass, told me: eggs la! =.="

then he introduced me this prepacked herbs that i can use to make tea eggs.....


ya... i've said it out loud :P

the thing is, it is seriously yummy. :D

donny came over last nite attempting to cheer me up from the tulan-ness that i was feeling the whole day with a tub of semi melted vanila ice cream, a can of peaches and a can of lychee... omg... it's damn good to indulge wei! :D thanks donny! :D

then at around 12 something, i sort of chased him outta the house coz i was really tired and i needed to wake up early to come to work. sorry donny :D

anyway, back to the tea eggs. i brought it over to the office to let the colleagues try. and all of them said it's very yummy :D but i left out the fact that i cheated tho... :P

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