Thursday, May 6, 2010

i can haz dimz sumz....

... and it's all LM's fault! she gave me a site and i saw the dim sum and i NEED to eat it! :P and Finger knows how to go... so ya, he is gonna bring me tonite :D yay! :D

anyway, Lady Boss cant make it for the West Side Story so i roped in LM to watch with me. She and Minger are the only 2 ppl i know (besides me) that loves loves loves musical. And since the tix that we got is for Beemer's club member, we get about 44% (the normal retail price is RM590 and our tickets is RM338) from the usual price AND we get to mingle with the cast AND there will be a cocktail function (presumably before the show or during interval, i dont know) but i can imagine sipping champagne (ooh lala! :D) so ya, i am so damn excited lor! :D

so ya...i've changed my Saturday off with 5cm so that i can pan leng leng at home with LM. omg.... super excited! i am sure when we go there we are the only one driving local car and all the beemers will be there... wahahahahhaah.....

i cant concentrate now coz 5cm and Finger is talking damn loud trying to determine which is the nearest to Sg. Buloh from my place :P


  1. What's the dim sum place? Sounds good!

  2. local only also car lo.. .and i luv my car........

  3. Huai Bin: <--- this! it is seriously really good :D over indulged last night though :D

    mongamong: i also love your car :D meaning to say u driving that day? wahahahahahah.... i m sooooo looking forward to it la :D

  4. iieeee..... i also wanna go!!! envy-nya... the freaking tix were so ex! enjoy the show my friend!

  5. Redbabe: Ya, i am counting my lucky star that i m getting my bonus... if not sure cannot afford one :D