Tuesday, April 27, 2010

incoherent inane post to show that i still think about this blog. wtf

the internet in my office has been behaving like a very naughty chipsmore for the past 1 week plus.hence the lack of updates.

no la... not 100% the internet's fault. been super ultra busy recently. my boss just got himself a huge project and we have been roped in to assist.

i've got so much to blog about... but my mind's pretty jumbled up at the moment.

just heard from the online daddy that Untouchable is finally up. but i dont have time to even go pee apatah lagi to log into omerta? FML

what has been happening lately? erm. work. let's see, got myself into a drama which i m honestly still fucking tulan but i promised not to talk about it again. welp at least not openly la... thank goodness for the bitching blog :D

then suddenly cousins from Singapore is popping over left and right. going to meet one of them later.

shit la... just now working that time i got so much i wanted to blog about... now cannot remember a single shit.....

hopefully i can generate a more coherent post next time.

gtg. need to rush to KL to meet the above mentioned cousin.


  1. Streamyx got problem mah - unless you all are on another ISP... The usual internet services disruption due to cable works... What other reasons can they give. Sheesh!

  2. my office modem fried alre but Finger just sit on it that's why the company's internet behave like a naughty chipsmore