Thursday, April 29, 2010

sibeh tulan now. but not tulan to the extend of wanting to kill. tulan to the extend of want to cry. small cow just broke a news to me. i faced palm for a bit and tried to think positively. then small cow broke the news even more. not a single ounce of positivity left one. i faced palm again. conclusion is? no more next time. if it happened again, small cow is banned from a certain part of my apartment indefinitely. *face palm*

work wise: boss shouted at me coz he asked me a question and my mind was still processing so i didnt answer him and look at him. then before i can process finish, he ask again and ask again and ask again. then i tulan and shouted back at him asking him to shut up for a moment so that i can think! this all happened in the open in front of everyone. yes, i am tulan. dont come and make me even more tulan. tiu. and the best part of it all is, he shouted for nothing coz i had a valid reason and he just jumped to the conclusion for nothing. also, he was the one who specifically asked me to do what i did. and i alre know it's wrong and i kept asking him if he is sure and he say yes. then wrong alre, started to shout at me. tulan!

family wise: omg. drama again. this time nothing concern me la... but it wasnt really a pleasant meeting with the cousin the other day. too dramatic for my taste and she trying to rope us in. seriously. i have no interest in the feud between you and your mother in law who is my aunt!

oh just found out from small cow that i wasnt dreaming about smoking a stick of ciggie with her last nite and her asking me if she can borrow my charger. apparently i woke up when she come back, and i smoked a stick of ciggie with her and apparently we chatted some then i went back to sleep. =.=" and i thought it's all a dream.

the fried rice that they tapao for me today is making my heartburn... i think too oily la... =.="

shit... i left this idle for a long time yet again =.="

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