Thursday, February 18, 2010

cny updates

as mentioned previously, i was cooking quite a bit during the long weekend. but i only managed to take pic of the 1st day's cooking. why? 1st day cook, rakus mah, so mah take pic lor... actually... the 2nd day and 3rd day also wanna take pic one... but too kancheong until forgotten =.="

so... anyway, 1st day cooked crab meat fried rice. :D it's nice... but i think it's not enough wok hei lor...

Here's the recipe:

Red onion, cili api, eggs, rice (duh!), sweet corn kernels (canned) and crab meat (canned)

1. Sweat the onions and cili api
2. add in the crab meat and fry somemore
3. add the sweet corn and fry somemore
4. add rice and mix well
5. add pepper powder, soya sauce and oyster sauce to taste
6. pour in the beaten eggs, turn on high heat and fry at a fast speed OR just fry the eggs seperately only add the eggs into the rice mixture.

Kautim! crab meat fried rice! :D

Anyways, as mentioned previously, the 1st day of cny, went dinner with the bosses and the ang moh @ South Pacific. After dinner, the boss decided to play more tour guide and brought the ang mo to take pix of klcc. and since i've already hopped into their car, i might as well take lor. here are the snap shots:

this is like the best KLCC shot i've ever taken with my lousy camera :D

Got bored waiting at the traffic light and saw KL Tower. :D

The boss wanted to see if this junction has better view or not... obviously not =.="

Anyway, after snapping pix, the bosses and i started to talk about durians and that pique the ang moh's curiosity. and it's hard for us to describe the taste except that you either love it or hate it. there's no two ways about it. :D anyway, since the nearest durian can be found @ alor, the boss drove us to alor to show the ang moh. fucking expensive leh, but since the boss is paying, fuck care la. :P the ang moh surprisingly loves it :D (see la, small cow, u lose to ang moh liao)

After durian eating, we went pub hopping. but it was too hot to hop too much. so after 2 rounds, the boss decided to go HRC. coz the ang moh stayed at Concorde.

Some non alcoholic drink that's fucking sour. i was so bored, i decided to play with my camera. and ya, that's the ang moh at the background.

Erm... i think i dont have anymore pix to share liao. i think i damn 'sat pai' lor... the camera is in my bag all the time but i always either no mood to take pix or forgotten to take pix =.="


  1. wei... gong xi fa chai... wah, so gungho until take so nice pictures of your ingredients arr... looks good wei.. especially the ones u sauteing the shalots....yumm :)

  2. gong xi fa chai to you too, Redbabe :D

    the fried rice is memang yummy :D... u should try it too :D