Thursday, January 14, 2010

of donkeys and snakes

once upon a time, there was this sneaky snake who wants to cross over a small stream without getting wet. so one day, she saw this donkey who looks dumb enough to con. so she decided to con the donkey telling the donkey that if the donkey can bring her across by her sitting on the donkey's back, the snake will give the donkey a carrot. the dumb donkey upon hearing the word, carrot, straightaway lower himself to let the snake climb over. but donkey being donkey, damn hard to get motivated one lor. once the snake nestle nicely on the donkey's back, the donkey suddenly lost motivation to move. so the snake mah tulan lor.... started to dangle the carrot in front of the donkey far enough not to let the donkey nibble and near enough to make the donkey think that he will have a chance to nibble on the carrot if he move. since his eyes are only on the carrot, along the way across the stream, he stepped on a lot of other animals and hurt many animals, some of them his good friends. coz he was just too blinded by the carrot to give a damn about the creatures around him. once the snake got to where she wanted, she slither down and threw the carrot away and laughed at the dumbass.

the dumbass started to sit by the stream and started to wail pitifully knowing that he has done wrong. but alas! he has left all his close friends across the stream nursing their bruises. and he is left all alone at the other side of the stream.

the end.

:D this is my pathetic attempt to write a moralistic story.

children, what have you learn today? :D


  1. u wanna change career to nursery teacher is it?

  2. lol.... i will be the most fucked up nursery teacher.... it's gonna be :

    Me:children, come here, today teacher wanna teach you spelling... repeat after me....
    students: yes teacher....
    Me: F
    students: F
    Me: U
    Students: U
    Me: C
    Students: C
    Me: K
    Students: K
    Me: FUCK!!!
    Students: FUCK!!!
    Me: very good! :D

  3. teacher.. today i learn that erm.. i erm.. learn that erm.. don't cross the river with a stranger...LOL

  4. wahahahahahahahahaha.... very good, very good.... give u A+ la :D