Thursday, January 14, 2010

yesterday was damn fun lor.... it all started with small cow sick and took mc. and i insisted that i go back and bring her out makan dinner la... and we decided on Old Klang Road teochew porridge. we drove her car instead coz hers is auto car :D

anyway, we went to OKR but sort of overshot coz no parking and we ended up in Federal Highway (i know i know... go one big round) as we were stucked in jam, we decided to go SS2 for dim sum instead. so we exited the Jln Gasing exit. then suddenly i wish to eat Banana leaf rice and i asked her if she wants and she say ok, so we went to Kanna Curry House @ Jln Gasing. after eating, we decided that we are damn full and since it was early, we went to Ikea to jalan jalan. along the way, we were joking and laughing at the stupidest little things ever. she not in good mood ma, so make her happy lor :D she was having her drama over the phone. so anyway, told her about the social outcast PKWM. told her all the stories about him that i can remember and it was pretty funny la....

after IKEA, we went to Seapark to makan lok2. and this lok2 guy whom i've never met before, suddenly went SKSD (Sot Kenal Sot Dekat - pretend to know pretend to be close) on me and told me that he damn long didnt see me alre. and i was all ??????. oh oh, before we went down the car, we decided to listen to Flirty @ 10.30 on anyone caught that last nite? damn funny wei! :

this guy Kevin wrote in to saying that he wants to date his gf out coz their relationship has been strained lately. so they called the girl up and say that someone close to her wanna date her out and then they asked her if she knows who, she ask: Shawn?? and then they went like : Do you have a boyfriend? and she went: no, i have a few close guy friends, but no boyfriend and then suddenly Kevin interrupted and said: Excuse me??? and then they argued and found out that she has been sleeping around and he was one of the guys that she slept with but it's nothing.... lol. and that guy just hung up like that. damn drama wei! :D

anyway, after lok2, we went rounding a bit, wanting to get lost. but cannot coz we ended up at places we know =.=" after a futile attempt to get lost, we went back home to makan strawberries and apples :D and continue to borak borak. borak until halfway, my eyes got heavy so i went into my room to lie down abit and i fell asleep :P

overall, it was a great bonding day with the small cow. :D


  1. sounds like good fun ! i always love to drive around to get lost too! Must be a Kluang thing..haha....but always damn difficult one lor..lols

  2. lol! i totally agree with you lor.... i think we kluang ppl damn weird la... wahahahahahahahahahah