Friday, January 15, 2010

recently there has been a lot of dramas around me. and i, being the kaypohchi, somewhat got involved in the drama. mainly because i beh tahan. but my involvement is purely SSGG (shiok sendiri glamor gile). meaning to say, the ppl i m drama-ing about dont even know i am drama-ing about them :D

the drama is all in my head and in my blog and with the ppl that are not involved in the drama. confused? for example, the donkey and snake story, that's a drama by itself. involving someone that i dont even know :D just read something about someone in some blog about this situation about another blogger (non malaysian, i tell ya) so i started to stalk further and made me all pissed and dramatic and then off i form that piece of pathetic attempt of a moralistic story. i know, damn SSGG, right?? the thing is i seriously beh tahan such injustice on the donkey's friends lor.

so anyway, last nite, got another drama lor. erm. wait this one involved ppl around me and i just realized i cant blog this out =.=" let's just say eventho i aint directly involved in the drama, i hear about it also make my blood boil until i cuss cuss cuss at home. until my housemates asked me to tone down and shuddup coz it was 12something in the morning.

it's very tiring to drama in my head and drama with the ppl around me la. so this coming weekend, i vow to just stay in my room and sleep and or curl up in my bed reading chick lit :D

happy weekend all! :D

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