Saturday, January 9, 2010

mental diarrhea

lack of sleep. damn mang zhang now.

2 nights in a row i woke up with a bout of coughing, cough until wanna pee out kind. dah lah damn tired, i kena woken up in the middle of the night like that....

i think i got choked by my saliva or something.

got woken up by a wrong number at 5am in the morning. who the fuck calls ppl at such god forsaken hour???

i m surprised no one blog about the isu hangat. it's as if like everyone has an opinion but too scared to blog about it. what to do, the bros up the hill damn semangat to catch ppl now.

i m extremely bad mood actually. small cow also in sort of bad mood. or maybe becoz i m in a bad mood, i interpreted her sms as bad mood. but i m not gonna fall into that. stupid to pick a fight when both party is so damn fucking mang zhang due to lack of sleep. she just finish midnite shift and i think she is gonna bleed soon.

i just wanna go home now and sleeep....

damn sleepy wei.... how la???? 2 more hours to go and i've got about 10 more bookings to do and i m so damn fucking lazy to do it.....

gonna tapau some food before i go back for dinner for small cow and myself. i am too fucking lazy to get out of the house after i balik la. and i know she needs her sleep, so might as well tapau for her so that she can sleep a lil longer.

i better stop typing and start doing booking if not i cannot balik on the dot.

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