Friday, January 8, 2010

2 things.

1. u group of cowards attacking the place of worship - u are a disgrace to our country lor. look! reuters is reporting it! look! time mag is reporting it! wei! damn embarrassing lor.... what will the ppl around the world think of our country? and worst still, if the speculation is correct, think of your own religion??

2. i was the one who went to Pavi with small cow. i played truant and small cow was protecting me by referring to me as a friend. small cow posting pic of her and her grandma doesnt mean that she is showing off to her 'new mate' (which memang dont have, but you are just too thick skull to understand : dont have means dont have!!!). how come you dont understand her at all?? didnt you read her post properly?? granny's face lighted up when she saw small cow coz small cow 1 week didnt go back already and no matter how much small cow bitch about granny, she still loves granny alot! afterall, granny is the one who raised small cow since she was a baby! this you should know! so, since she loves granny so much, she of coz feel shitty and feel like a bitch and feel guilty that she didnt spend more time with granny since the incident! hence, she took pic with granny and by posting it up in her blog she just wanted to show to the world that she do actually sayang granny! it is sort of a minor tribute! how come ur mind can twist until so much and accused her that the pic is meant for her 'another one'???? wei! you are just digging your hole deeper la. why so many offensive sms-es??? i am very sure you have taken psychology before, when someone is still pissed, dont kacau/tegur her further! let her be and calmed down 1st before approaching her! there you are doing totally opposite and making the situation even worst and even irreversible! is this what you really want??

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