Friday, January 8, 2010

i think i should just go back into my own bubble world.... i've been ignorantly avoiding news coz nowadays news are pretty crappy and high blood pressuring.....

1. the name game - i think this issue is getting out of hands. burning other ppl's places of worship do not make one religion stronger or better than the other. they should be ashamed of themselves for behaving like a terrorist. dah lah the world has a very bad perception of the that group of ppl with that religion, now they wanna prove to the world that the world's perception is correct. stupid, aint it? how would they feel if a group of protesters bring BKT to their places of worship thus contaminating the holy and sacred place, making them unable to pray in that location anymore. indirectly, destroying their worship place? *shakes head* anyway, someone in tweeter actually misinterpreted me. he claimed that i m saying that fire do not destroy places of worship. that's like putting words in my big fat mouth. no leh. i dont mean it that way leh. *shakes head more* i m merely saying that it's equally bad. fire destroy the place, thus making ppl unable to go there to worship. BKT also destroy their place coz as long as it's contaminated, they cannot go in and worship also mah. i choose the BKT method coz it's less... erm.... ganas :D

2. lm sent me a link about injustice in Dubai. About this Briton got raped by a waiter in Dubai and she and her fiance got thrown into jail for having sex before marriage. like wtf??

i m getting more and more disgusted with the news.

so yea, i m gonna stop reading the news and live ignorantly in my own bubble. :D i guess i will be happier that way :D

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