Wednesday, January 27, 2010

cannot tahan...

.... i am trying my bestest.... but i cannot tahan anymore la :P

it all started with:

cheesie RT @piinkcess: I know you are a famous blogger but could you please tell me what youu think of my blog :)

so i mah go see the blog lor.... and i started to roflmao.... another copy cat blog! buta buta follow xiaxue's blog... and the funny thing is, this copy cat is based in Florida, how come she sign up for Nuffnang ah? i thought Nuffnang is only for Asia Pacific??? also, with her site counter showing less than 500 visitors, how can she be 'nominated' for those blogger choice awards??

whahahahahahahahaa.... this is really a serious case of delusional la.... somemore hor.... dia hitam hitam tak cantik pun! tengok dia punya posing... omfg.... ok ok... i know i shouldnt even be laughing at her la... afterall, this big cow also not pretty mah... but at least this big cow aint delusional lor =.="

She claimed that she has A+ for english... but hor... she spelled obviously as 'obviesly' whahaahahahahahahahahahahahah

ok.... i malas to stalk the blog somemore la... i am quite sure there's more funny things to laugh at her one... :P

back to work... :D


  1. Laughter is the best medicine. At least her blog can make you laugh. :)

  2. LOL.... but i still feel a slight guilt for being so bitchy... :P