Monday, February 1, 2010

omg.... she is black! B.L.A.C.K and she is delusional that she is part Asian. i dont see a single part of her looking ASIAN leh! not even indian!

so i decided to stalk her blog again. and she has this top 11 fave bloggers. and all asian females. and she compare herself with them... and the best part (not!) of it is, she tried blogging like them with 'lor' and 'la' added in it. it's just so wrong! wtf is wrong with her wei! she must be really ashamed of her skin color!

btw, i seriously think she is quite ugly lor.... so ugly until i think she should just fucking go kill herself and stop polluting the world with her ugliness!



  1. ROFL. U so easy to tulan ah? But she is kinda weird tho. Normally ppl DON'T wanna be Asian...this one tiao-balik lek...

  2. calmate sweetie.. don't give yourself a heartattack.. who kacau you until like this ler?

  3. Ash: i just cant stand annoying ppl... and yet being a closet masochist, i just cant stop myself from going into her site to get annoyed and tulan =.="

    Nic: there... that piink bitch lor

  4. jus checked out her blog...she actually does look abit indian to me leh. Her skin tone abit yellowish...not like pure africans or african americans. But I do agree wif u la...damn 97 'arglie' laa...wahahahaha....