Tuesday, December 15, 2009

this is more like a bitching blog than a cowie blog now. yes! i wanna bitch again!

you see, the thing is, i still have this thing for MF for god knows how long already la. And MF has this gf whom Carmen, Desmond and I met when we went back to Kluang a few months back. So anyway, this gf of his, Ms Wong, was either really shy or really lansi coz we were @ Hoover having breakfast and she was practically ignoring me eventhough we were sitting next to each other. Which honestly speaking, i m ok with that.... coz i m seriously not that hard up for her friendship. it will make things complicated when he dumps her.

yes, he is gonna dump her and move on to another one. i dont think she is his one true love. i think he still loves his ex a lot. so anyway.... today is MF's bday and i, as usual, go overboard. Called him last nite around 12.30am to wish him, then i logged in to my FB and decided to leave a bday msg to him @ his wall and think nothing of it.

then this morning when i came into the office, i checked my email, and my my! Ms Wong has sent a friend request to me! she has added me! like wtf? i dont even know her la. then i went to his FB only to realized, wah, i am the 1st to wish him wor. and she is the 2nd. so i guess he must have told her that i like him or something and she is insecure or something and she is doing the psychotic thingie by adding me in FB thinking that she can spy on me or something. stupid cunt.

so i really boh song la.... coz i woke up happy happy with the memories of some weird dream about him last nite (been sometime since i last dreamt of him) and then suddenly i feel like my bubbles has been burst by her lor. so i sms-ed him and ask him. "your gf added me in FB, why ah?" and he didnt reply me.

i dont like my life to be intruded. i like living in my own bubble letting whomever i like into my bubble and NOT having someone thick skinned trying to get into my bubble like i m her new best friend!


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