Saturday, December 12, 2009

Early Company Christmas Do...

... we went for our early Christmas do @ TJ Haus (SS18) on Thursday nite.... it was a well needed thing for me since it was a war zone in the office on that day.

Anyway, the dinner was superb as what the reviews in the internet stated. Love love love their carrot & orange soup and the Cordon Bleu Chicken :D I've got a standard mug as a pressie from my Warehouse guy and the bosses got us females locitaine punya thingie from Paris and got the guys swiss army knifes from Switzerland from their recent 1 month Europe trip :D

i broke the promise of never gonna drink again. all thanks to Big Boss. He kept on filling my glass with wine. =.="

anyway, after dinner, big boss decided that we should adjourn opposite to Neway for karaoke. and off we went! 11pm-4am! sing until siao wei :D Haulier Tan, Carole, and Finger was damn drunk lor. Haulier Tan vomited in the room, then got lost in the toilet (yes! he did! :D), Carole was drunk to the extend of 'feng tau-ing' no, we did not pop pills :P and Finger, as usual, like a balak / wall doesnt make a single sound. we didnt know he is drunk until he suddenly took an empty jug and vomited. yes. eeeewww :P

i kena my usual nose bleed. nowadays punya nose bleed is getting more rampant and worst lor. sigh.

anyway, boss fell asleep half way. and snored damn loud. it was funny lor. coz he snored damn rhythmatic one leh... 5cm took the mike and put it at boss' mouth and when we sing, the snore can harmonize with the songs one leh :D (which i initially suspected that boss fake sleep - but lady boss confirmed boss punya snore is like that one. not bad hor?)

towards the end, only Lady Boss, 5cm and i left (dont count boss la... since he alre sleeping on the couch). Finger left without telling us. he just suddenly disappear :P and today when we see him, his face got bruises and he didnt remember where or when did he get it =.=" and he denied that he was drunk that nite =.="

wanted to write more... but cant now.. coz lady boss just gave me a stack of docs to read and understand coz i will be meeting the client alone on Wed coz the bosses are going Japan for a one week holiday.

have a great weekend everyone.

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