Wednesday, December 9, 2009

stop..... can or not???

stop tai chi-ing the fucking job to me can or not?

stop creating mistakes for me to clean up can or not?

stop calling me can or not? there is a reason why i m not answering your fucking calls and not returning your calls! stop fucking call me can or not???

stop pretending to know everything about me when you know nothing can or not???

stop procrastinating and start doing what you are suppose to do so that i can do what i m suppose to do, can or not???

stop taking credits for things that i've done, can or not??

stop being so damn fucking self centered can or not????

stop telling me how to do my job when you are fucking up all your job and pushing all the shits to me, can or not???

stop storing your brains in the fridge and take it out and use it at work can or not?????

stop being so damn fucking tidak apa can or not????

stop being so damn fucking childish can or not????

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