Wednesday, December 9, 2009


we were in Mr 5 cm's car. his car was parked a at parking lot and behind his car is a monsoon drain. he wound down the window to talk to someone and somehow he let go of the brake and the car slowly row backward and we all keep on telling him to press brake. he didnt until it was too late but miraculously the car was in limbo between land and monsoon drain.

i woke up to pee and hit my forehead, why so stupid? i should have pull the handbrake right???


i got stranded in 1u. apparently all the doors to get out were locked already but somehow the shops were all open without anyone in. i walked and walked and walked and took and took and took alot of stuffs, apparently it's free.

scene change, i ended up in tai ku's place in kluang with all the freebies. then the drama came. they all accused me of spending more money which they did not contribute a single cents. and then we argued and quarrel and i ended up leaving the country with all the shopping items without my passport.

i woke up going to pee and slapped my forehead for not telling them to fuck off and die


i was working alone in the office on weekend and suddenly the doors to the toilets started to bang like mad. i ran to the conference room to open the window to shout for help. but everyone outside were just laughing at me.

i woke up going to pee and slapped my forehead for not turning around to see what were they laughing at


we were all back in jon's room, smoking up weed and ice. and talking cock. looking at jon play maple stories. then jon started to philosophize about maple stories in relations to drugs. everyone started to laughed and thought it was funny. i didnt get it. i asked them to explained and they all laughed further. i fell asleep and woke up seeing yamen kissing jon and mike kissing reefu. ifer was just sitting there stoning.

i woke up going to pee and slapped my forehead asking myself what the fuck was that all about???

edit: this is weird coz jon, yamen, mike and reefu are all homophobic males :D


i m on an island with mr wilson. and started talking to 'god'. apparently i am so useless i ought to be struck my lightning.

i woke up going to pee and asked myself when will i die?


  1. hahaha... that's lots of pee for a night!

  2. this is what happened when you drank alot before you sleep :D (and also what happened when you sleep waaaay too early :D)