Wednesday, July 15, 2009

total random...

finger did it again. yesterday apparently our agent in SG damage our customer's goods whilst transferring the goods to our truck and finger know about it but never told us. now on the way to the consignee's place only let us know. and when we ask him he got think of the consequences or not, he just say: write report lor!


of coz la, he is not the fucking one who will have to write the report. damn fucking tidak apa attitude la. i told him, if i know yesterday, i wouldnt even bring the shipment into MY and will immediately inform our customer. i seriously dont know what the fuck is he thinking of la. i m so damn fucking tired working with imbeciles and morons already!!!!


i woke up happy happy thinking about MF.


Ms Windy's bf is pretty hubba wor... :D anyway, i left a msg in her FB and she sms-ed me at 3am in the morning :P and i thought i was dreaming when i replied her sms :D

The world is seriously very very small. Jading went to UK when we were 12/13 yrs old for some intensive English course or something like that for about a month. and she ended up having a crush on AC from PJ. and during our following school holidays, we actually came up to KL and met up with a few of the friends that went to UK with her. fast forward about 7-8 years later, i attended a relative's wedding in Seremban, only to find out that AC is actually my cousin (his dad and my dad are cousins) and the wedding was AC's sis' wedding. =.=" but i m not sure if i've told Jading or not la. coz that time i already working in SG and she was in KL and we didnt really keep in contact constantly :P. Anyway, fast fwd again 10-12yrs later, i added AC in my FB. eeyer... not handsome alre one!! somemore hor... last time hor, this AC damn famous amongst our relatives one... everyone kept on saying how handsome he is and all that but he never appear in any of the family gathering :D


last night at around 8ish 9, Lady Boss and i started talking about Hokkien Mee and one thing led to another, Mr S, Lady Boss and I decided to go to the one near Tawakal coz i've never makan there before and coz Lady Boss dont know what is Bak Kao soup. the guy there looks damn familiar. i think i used to know him from irc or something like that la. anyway, after we makan almost habis only Finger came over and join us.

seriously, work wise, i really cannot tahan Finger and Mr. S. But when we are outta office, ok la, can 'fai' together one. :D


oh oh... gonna watch Harry Potter tomolo AND Friday. *excited* :D

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