Tuesday, July 14, 2009

big cow and water dog

water dog suddenly came into MSN and exclaimed:

grrrrrrr! i hate my colleague!

and i went: ha?
water dog: she is so annoying! i cant stand her voice!
big cow: lemme call you so that you can say: shut up!! shut up!!!!! shut up!!!!
water dog: lol

*toot toot* (yea, i am that 'fai' i really did that)

water dog: *giggles*
big cow: come on, say it
water dog: dunwan

so we idle chat a bit. and then i told her about MF. and she went:

tsk tsk tsk... what should i do with my cousin??

me: welp, you can get me to shut up!! shUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!!!
we both giggles abit
Me: shut up!!!!!!
water dog: *giggling* shut up!

this is what happens when big cow and water dog destressed :D

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