Friday, July 24, 2009

Murphy's Law day...

and so i was arguing with Mr. S aka 5cm. and suddenly....

Ms Know it All: Wei, Big Cow u all argue so much, next time sure kahwin one!
Me: choi lor!!! 5cm leh how to get satisfactions??

*whole office burst into laughter*


10 yrs ago, i had a mental breakdown. i tried to kill myself my popping 80 slimming pill (doc's advice, cannot take more than 1 pill within 24hrs coz it will cause weak heart) and 8 panadols. i survived, but was fucking high. then i started to get obsessed with my hair. i find them mostly damaged (or so i thought) and started to pull them out 1 by 1 for god knows how long. the aftermath? i look like some cancer patient. =.=" yea, it was that bad.

funny how 10 yrs has passed. whatever that doesnt kill me only makes me stronger. i believe that.

why am i suddenly talking about this? dunno leh... i guess i was pretty stressed out today and i really really really have this really strong urge to pull out my hair. and then i teringat about that incident and decided to blog about it to let it off my chest. i've nothing really to hide anyway. coz i am pretty transparent person. when i am not happy, my face shows it. when i m happy, my face shows it. when i m pissed, the whole world knows it coz i usually go thru rage rampage before i realised what i just did.

the thing is, i seriously know i am mentally unstable. i know, i really do. i wish doctors will certified me as mentally insane.... :D really :D i'll be rich then :D


oh oh... mingirl kena chicken pox :P


went to watch Ghost of Girlfriends Past last nite courtesy of Auntie Lisa. get the dvd. not really worth watching in cinema or wait for it on astro :D


the fucked ups today. new customer using us. from SG to PGU. they have alot of potentials. so we tried to bend our backs for them. they needed same day delivery. we hired an external agent to do this job.

fucked up 1: customer gave wrong pick up add. truck went wrong add

fucked up 2: customer's correct pick up address abit wrong. truck went to wrong warehouse to load wrong items to the truck only to find out it's wrong. so have to unload the wrong cargo again. (time consuming)

fucked up 3: after loading the correct cargo at the correct warehouse, the truck's container latch couldnt be close. and finally managed to fixed it after 30mins (another time consuming)

fucked up 4: the recepient in PGU refused to wait for the goods. and told us if we couldnt reach at 5.15pm, he wants us to deliver on monday instead. time read 3.30pm, truck still in SG. customer made and executive decision at 4.10pm to request the truck to go back to the warehouse.

drama 1: agent called up to screw us upside down saying the address is wrong. case rectified but i a bit boh song, we are their customer leh, how come they get to screw us?

drama 2: agent called to tell us that the driver is there and the goods are not ready. the warehouse needs to paint the drums and can only finish loading into the truck at 4pm hence, agent wanna charge us extra. i called customer, customer said the goods are ready. verified with agent, agent screw me even more telling me that it's not ready and screaming and shouting at me. called the warehouse and they told me the goods are ready and infact, it has finished loading. called agent and screwed them big time. niama chau cibai! why lie to me??? so i emailed them and tell them i will not accept their extra charges.

drama 3: customer told me she found out the real story on how stupid the truck driver is to go to a wrong warehouse and loaded the wrong goods, upon finished loading, the correct warehouse personnel got worried, how come the truck havent arrive? only then did they found out the truck driver's stupidity. hence, all these time consuming fucked up is not our problem but the stupid driver and agent's problem. so i called the agent and screw them upside down even more. then agent started to twist and turn the whole story until it seems like it's all our fault and none theirs.

drama 4: customer decided to ask our truck to turn back and they will not pay a single sen since the job has not been done and the whole issue wouldnt have happened if the driver hadnt did the stupid stunt. they conveniently forgotten that they have given us a wrong name. great. so i wrote a long email to agent giving them the chronological fact and acknowledged that no matter what, they have to charge us. but we implore them to give us discounts as it's their driver's stupidity that causes all these unwanted incident. of coz i wrote in a more diplomatic way la. agent received the email and started to scream and shout at me and twisting the whole story another way. which really pisses me off huge time. they kept on insisting that we dont wanna pay, i kept on trying to explain to them we are requesting for a discount and they keep on insisting we dont wanna pay and kept on interrupting whenever i tried to speak. so i shouted:

fine! you wanna talk?? go ahead and talk! talk all you want! i am trying to tell you something but you are just too damn fucking stupid to listen! go! talk! talk all you want! fucker!

then he continue shouting that we dont wanna pay. so i shouted:

i didnt say we dont wanna pay, i am just asking for discount and since you are so damn fucking stupid to listen, fine! go ahead and bill us! we are not gonna pay, since that's what you insisted! fucker! and i will make sure i tell the accounts not to release the payment!

*slammed down the fone*

lady boss came over and asked me what happened. told her from a-z and she started laughing. apparently, so far only me, Mr S and Big Boss dare to screw the agent until like that. the agent even made the Asst. Finance Manager burst into tears before!

of coz lady boss dont really condone to my uncustomer service behavior la. but i told her, i m bleeding, we are the customer and we tried to be nice but they are too stupid to understand so i fuck care.

the thing is, we memang planning to drop this agent for sometime liao. we have already made plans and i think in 2 months time, the agent will lose us, their major customer for good.

so yea, that was the whole fucking drama and fucked up that happened today. and it's the customer's 1st order with us. damn great hor? we call this the Murphy's Law's job. Anything that can fucked up in this job will definitely fucked up.


  1. Sounds like fun hor... sometimes, having the opportunity to rightfuly screw some idiotic ppl also quite "song" one... a very good destressing outlet.

  2. yea.... but hor, i think i got too much pent up anger la... dont feel that 'song' la :D