Thursday, July 23, 2009

i m bleeding. hence, i m more mang chang than ever.

finger is very extremely stupid

so is senior acc. clerk. can you fucking imagine her stupidity??? she deleted my data that were saved in the accounts folder. the file last updated were 4 days ago. and her excuse? she didnt know anyone is using it. in the 1st place, even if she didnt know anyone is using it, she shouldnt simply delete files what???? she is pure stupid. i was so pissed i wanted to just fucking go kill myself and get away from all the stupids in this world! big boss was on msn and asked me why i m so pissed so without any filter, i told him his staff is pure and plain stupid. after telling him the whole incident, he only can say: agreed. and then we discussed how they seriously need to eat more bak kut teh or pig's brain soup.

wanted to bitch about you. i wrong a long paragraph about you. then i decided not to. i tak kisah already.

the company trip to Kijal seems to be more fun and tiring already. We have invited a few of our close suppliers to join us. we know they are damn fun one lor... the last time we had the company bbq party, it was fucking funny lor :D

i m really looking forward to it now. :D just found out from Awana that their war games are not paintball. that i can play la. kalau paintball, i wont even bother :D coz it's fucking painful and i can imagine Finger maniacally shoot me all the waY... =.="

was in office till 12am last night discussing about our company trip. seriously, it will be very fun :D

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