Saturday, July 4, 2009

it's saturday! saturday! saturday! :D

erm... actually i've got nothing to write. but i figure as i m typing, i might teringat what to write.....


See! ingat alre! anyway, confirmed tak jadi meet up with Telinga Serigala. Not that i didnt put any efforts in it, she is just too busy la. called her a few times and i felt like i am so annoying like kacau-ing ppl's life like that. she did say she will call me back la... but she didnt. which i m not blaming her at all. wedding preparation is a bitch. i know :D Anyway, i dont know when will i see her next la. given my financial situation i am in right now, dont think i will be doing much traveling for these few months :D (am actually pretty optimistic about the financial part, so no worries).

i was thinking the other day. how does she look like now? like tai tai (i always imagine her as a tai tai type :D living a good life :D)? fatter? thinner? never change? haggard (got daughter mah)?


i miss mf. a lot.


i m so looking forward to today :D it will be great :D 2 cows and a water dog :D

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