Friday, July 3, 2009


... did it again.

Short intro of Finger. He is a colleague of mine who is extremely annoying. Think kayu balak. when talk to him, you need to repeat yourself a few times before getting a response from him, and when not talking to him, he will just butt in to give us his 2 cents worth. idiot. and he write emails in extremely short short sentence, expecting everyone to understand him :D

Oh oh... he is also supposingly the IT guy of the company la... So anyway, Spiderman from our Shanghai branch apparently sent an email to Finger and CC-ed Lady Boss telling him that there is something wrong with the sister company's mail server. and requested Finger to check. and Finger's reply:

here ok

=.=" yea. Spiderman was too zar dou to reply. then Finger proceed to send another email to Spiderman:

how do you send this email then?

Spiderman actually use our main email server to send the email to report the other server's faultiness....

ok, typing it out really isnt that funny. but somehow Lady Boss, Mr S and i were laughing our ass off just now... =.="

erm, yea, i m still in office at 9.30pm. why? things to do lor....


oh oh... will be broke this month - AGAIN. why? coz i totally forgotten that Murphy's insurance and roadtax is gonna expired in 3 days time :P a mini drama happened in my head today la... i called my usual agent but his number is no longer in service! o.O and i needed it to be done quick! so i called the insurance company to recommend another agent near my office as i need them to despatch the road tax over to me.... but.... sigh.... even the nearest agent dont wannt despatch it over to me. anyway, out of desperation, i just ask them to proceed la.. then will meet them half way to go collect :P usually i wont be so rakus and panicky over this roadtax/insurance thingie one. heck, i was driving 2 mths without a valid roadtax and insurance last year! but that's only because the route from my house to my previous company 99% no road block one.... but over here... 60% got road block. how not to be scared? :P

mr s wanted me to do illegal stuffs like getting a roadtax without an insurance. apparently he has kang tao la... but cannot la... takut also.... :D


Telinga Serigala and i havent met yet. she is busy running errands for her bro's wedding. i doubt we will be meeting this trip la. :(


tomorrow's gonna be great! gonna watch Transformers again! :D and then sing k with Small Cow and Minger :D w00t!

oh oh... and tentatively makan durian on sunday nite :D

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