Monday, July 6, 2009

i dont know what title to put today....

.... :D

the weekend was super eventful :D

went home at 1.30 sharp sharp coz Small Cow wanted to go MV to that pet show thingie. Fetched me at 3.30 and off we go. omg, so many cute dogs! Small Cow snapped a few pix. See if she go post it up or not la. i couldnt be arsed to take pic. why? coz it's crowded and i hate crowded places (i hate human 99% of the times :D). no offence to you human out there (i talk as if like i am not one, i am one and i admit i am one... and i hate myself :D)

Anyway, oh oh, before we went to the dog show thingie, we went to Sushi Zanmai to makan late lunch / early dinner. and we saw this local singer who has a reputation of being a Diva. yep, she really is a diva. She was pretty rude to the servers and act as if like she expect everyone to bow to her when she walks in. sheesh. oh, and she sat behind us, so we heard her being rude la. :D

After lunch before dog show, received a msg from Minger telling me that she met with an accident. called her, she didnt answer, so i got a little bit flusterred. anyway, she called back not long later sobbing her heart out. wah... i seriously thought it's like the end of the world. after she explained everything, apparently, she was crying coz she was in shocked. :O more like chi tuin shocked. coz she calmly settled the accident, paid for the repair of the bike, went into the car after everything and SOBZ! anyway, thank god nothing serious happened la.

So anyway, after the dog show, we went to fetch Minger up to watch Transformers at Pyramid. Erm, we were late. but thank goodness for once, TGV showed a lot of ads, so we only missed like 5mins of it :D after that, we drove all the way to Bkt Tinggi to sing k. Only to find out that it's fully booked (yea, we dont do reservations :P). so we drove all the way back to subang to try Neway. but they closes at 1am and it was already 11.30pm then. so we decided to call 1u to reserve (what's that talk about dont do reservations?? :P) and reserved a room for 1.30am and can sing till 4am. since we have some time to kill, we decided to makan lok lok for dinner / supper. on the way there, we saw a kancil accidentally banged a motorcycle, impact not that bad la, no one fell down from the bike. but the pillion rider (mat rempits) were so damn pissed that he came down from the bike and used his helmet to smash the kancil's window. omfg. then they proceed to go to the back alley to settle - which, i tell you, is the stupidest thing ever! if i were the driver, i will speed off to the nearest police station and settle there. nia ma. not say like they were seriously hurt also, need to be so violent meh? i tell ya, eventhough the kancil's at fault, i still think those mat rempits deserves to be banged one la. sampah masyarakat!

yes, i HATE mat rempits. i think they are the lowest of the lowest scumbags on earth :D the mothers should fucking kill them when they were borned. cis!

anyway, after witnessing the incident, small cow wanted to be a good citizen and dialled 112 from her mobile. we were afraid that the kancil driver will get beaten up like mad and it's not funny at all lor. but she got pissed off the the operator (which i secretly do not agree with her, but i aint gonna say anything given the fact that her mood memang not that good - pms) and hung up the phone. anyway, after that, i memang dah takde mood to makan alre coz hor the mat rempit thingie is pretty disturbing la.

after lok lok, we drove to 1u. and we couldnt find neway :P. apparently there is a small little dark lane that miraculously brings us to this 'secret' carpark for neway (yep, we were very the sua ku :D), we sang sang sang and laughed like crazy and seriously, it was extremely fun :D

went back and slept till about 3pm. small cow woke me up and told me that she will be fetching me in 30mins time. so i tried my very best to get my eyes open to get ready. but she came 1hr later. kanasai. could've slept for another 30mins. =.="

went to mydin to get stuffs to clean the house. yea, it's spring cleaning time. i m one of the messiest person on earth. so we decided to clean up the mess yesterday. small cow took the pic of before and after. see if she will blog about it or not lar. :P it was pretty tiring but fun cleaning up coz we were listening to music and singing along whilst cleaning and laughed so much that it hurts :P after cleaning up till 12.44am, small cow decided that she is hungry and wanted to go Daruls again. Called 5cm and Finger and we all went there together gather till about 2.40am. by then, my energy level went almost flat. :P

anyway, i am damn happy with my room now la. i told Finger, in 4 mths time i will recruit him to clean my place as well coz he is tall enough to reach the hard to reach places :D

like seriously, i love my room damn a lot now la :D i like the placement of everything :D

but the downside is, my room smells like a fucking hospital now. small cow decided to use dettol to mop the floor, with the excuse that she has never have a chance to try using dettol to mop the floor (but i suspect she thinks the house is too dirty and needed to kill all the germs :P)

i know i know, i am damn messy :D but heck! i m happy happy! :D


  1. wow.... sounds like a lot of fun... i didnt know neway open 24 hours!

    i cant imagine the amount of grime & dirt that must have embedded in your house... need to clean for more than 5 hours one arr????? quite keng eh... i salute!

  2. lol. neway open till 4am :D, left neway at 4.30am, reach home at 5am, slept at 6.30am :P

    and yea, damn dirty the apt :P at the end of the day, we packed 4 big garbage bags of junks :P... actually, i was in an extreme mood la, "throw everything in sight". :P i think i am gonna regret it in a few weeks time :P

  3. anything that you didnt touch for the last 6months is worth throwing away anyway. I am forever in the "throw everything in sight" mode.