Tuesday, June 30, 2009

the world does not revolves around you... bitch!

Ms Know It All is really think the world revolves around her.....

Big Cow had a very disturbing dream just now :-(

Shinnyhappydude at 8:35am June 30
sounds fun!

Big Cow at 9:16am June 30
nope, not fun... :P

Ms Know It All at 9:32am June 30
err... not becuz after i share my dream yesterday yah?

Big Cow at 9:37am June 30
ha? wat dream?


The dream... it was really disturbing la.... here it goes:

i dreamt that i was with my bro and mom having a meal at a restaurant facing the main road. then we saw this old lady ferrying her blind husband and a 3yrs old granddaughter on her bicycle across the street towards our direction. when she is reaching us, her brake tak makan and she fell into the longkang. then we rushed out only to realized the longkang is almost filled to the brim with very strong current flowing towards the river. i rush into the restaurant which incidentally is where Art and his wife is staying. So in a panicking voice, i told Art to save the old lady coz i dont know how to swim. Then when we go back to the longkang, the old man and the small girl was wailing pitily and someone actually jumped into the long kang looking for the old lady only to realized that the long kang is about 10ft deep! :O after a long futile search, we were not able to find the old lady :( and then mommy took out some money and told me to help the old man's utilities bills and mommy said: "Too bad this month i m really tight, only got RM80 to help" i checked my purse, and i've only got RM40 left and i look at my bro, whose wallet is filled to the brim with cash and asked him to help but he told us he dont have money.

and then i woke up. feeling helpless unable to help someone becoz of my shortcomings :(

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