Monday, June 29, 2009

Company trip

... so i was given the task to source for the place and activities for our company trip. Anyway, we have finalized most of the stuffs and now we are choosing the telematch activities or some other games like paint ball (!!!!!!). and i told them choose la, i definitely will not participate, especially paint ball.

Lady Boss: why? play la! show some team spirit la
Me: Where got team spirit one this one... i so fat, sure easy target one! dont want!

*whole office silent for about 1 second with phones ringing (deja vu??). and then whole fucking office burst into laughter with Lady Boss banging the table*


really ma... gila one... i so big size, run also cannot run fast, hide also not many places that can hide me completely. sure easy target one! siao! :D somemore Big Boss and Finance Manager loves to bully me during lunch time... my gawd... i m sooooo sure they will be shooting me most of the time la *shakes head*

so anyway, a few moments later, Mr. S pulak come and tell me, laugh as much as i like, coz come August, i will be an easy target and i will be 'Ouch ouch here, oww oww here' .....

.... and i said:

"Siao one! like you dont know me well enough issit?? i will be shouting tiuniamachauhai! macipet!who the fuck shoot me??? fuck you and your grandmother's asshole!"

:p yes, i m very very crude when i talk :P

*whole office silent for another moment. with phone ringing again. and then the laughter was even louder than the previous one. Lady Boss keep on laughing and saying "Yes!! yes!! yess! that's EXACTLY what Big Cow will do!!!"*

yea, i am crude with my words, an easy target in paintball, a bully target for boss and mr finance manager, and now i am the joker in the company for stating the truth....


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