Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ms Gan's mom opens a coffee shop in Jenjarum this morning she brought "Orr Peng" aka Yam Rice for me... and it's so damn fucking delicious wei! if only i have a bowl of hot piping bak kut teh with me right now and my breakfast will be perfect ;)


actually hor... i admit la... i feeling fucking jiwang for the past few days. and it doesnt help that i m listening to all the jiwang jiwang songs. chest also feel pain... dunno if it's mild heart attack or really heart break. whatever it is, i have to move on. before that, lemme jiwang jiwang 1st la....

Ah Beng used to tell me not to listen to all those jiwang songs especially when i m jiwang, it will only make things worst. but my asshole not enough worms leh... :x


yesterday's bday celebration for Lady Boss was pretty fun :) As usual, Big Boss needs to 'zhat' me, if not i think his whole body feel uncomfortable. :P what happened was, we were talking about cooking. And i finally revealed i know how to cook la... coz everytime also i act blur to them like i m very stupid liddat (what for wanna let them know i know how to cook? after they ma fan me ask me to cook for them how??), so as expected, Big Boss asked me to cook la. And i gave 1001 excuses:

Excuse 1: no more gas at home.
Solution frm Big Boss: get one tank from the warehouse (our warehouse got a lot of gas coz we uses them for our forklifts)

Excuse 2: (related to excuse 1) no strength to carry the gas canister up 3 storey la
Solution frm Big Boss: get Finger to carry

Excuse 3: cooking damn mah fan. have to clean up after that

That makes him 'zhat' me again la... asking how come i so messy one... then i told him, everytime cook sure have to mop floor one mah, the floor will be oily becoz got 'wap minyak'...

Big Boss: i never told you i was in science stream before hor? wap minyak??
Me: really one! aiyah... it's so obvious u dunno how to cook la, that's why you dont know...

then i changed subject and told them i went to watch Hannah Montana the previous night and i told them la, full of teeny bopper and i felt damn old.

Big Boss: ya la, you so old already, i will fit in perfectly in the crowd
Me: Sorry lor... you are and will forever be older than me lor, i will never catch up with your age one lor

everyone laughed.

then i continue with telling them how the girls behind us was so excited to see Taylor Swift in the movie (yea, she was there) and i told them la, if got chance, i think those teenyboppers will stand up and clap and dance and squeal also.

Big Boss: see! i definitely can fit in! i can do that too!
Me: Oh! so you are the so hai that was standing and giggling and clapping last night la? no wonder he look so familiar

everyone laughed even more

Big Boss: see! you never listen to me, told you i was in science stream already. i am anatomically impossible to be that, ok??
Me: Fine! so you are so lan la??

more laughters. then i told him, i cannot eat already becoz all the air went into my stomach from laughing too much.

Yes, in a way, i m really no big no small to Big Boss during lunch time and after office hours coz it's not work ma. :D


ok. i m pissed now. Finger is fucking up a job again. seriously, i dont understand how can someone be so damn fucking incompetent!

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