Tuesday, June 2, 2009

i m amazed and disappointed by how stuborn and childish small cow can be when she has set her mind on it.

but then again, she is bleeding. irrational period.

i havent seen Baby Chanel yet :( Mama Linda and Papa Tony is busy... :( dont know when will i see them la... maybe when Baby Chanel get married kua... :D

anyway, i've been repeating that "Zui Jing" song for the whole day today and Big Boss is trying to be stop me from playing it further by singing the song in front of me - BADLY. =.="

it all started with him saying: You know, there is a limit a person can hear a song over and over again

and i just smiled and say i wanna learn the song and it's not enough

then he said he will sing for me in a different version and i told him no thank you. and yea... he started to sing - BADLY

gtg now. need to go off paying off my debts :(

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  1. Big Cow

    Thank you anyway for trying to mediate the situation. But it's clearly obvious from both mine and Michelle's standpoint that our friendship is too acrimonious to be saved and hence the parting of ways. I'll admit that I do feel a little bit of sadness that 8 years of friendship got flushed down the toilet just like that. But to say that it was solely my fault is unfair. Even you have to admit that. I fucked up, yes. I admitted it and I apologized for it but like I said, at this point in time the relationship is too far gone to be redeemed.

    I know I don't have to say it, but please take care of Michelle. I still care for her but I know it's not wanted or needed anymore so it falls on you, her family and whichever partner she's currently dating. And I hope she finds happiness somewhere, because God knows she didnt find any with me.

    Take care.

    Medium Cow