Thursday, June 4, 2009

weird dreams... i had em again last nite.

this time the ppl involved are me, my brother, Ms PA and my bro's childhood bestfriend, DHC :D oh.. i think my dad and Mr Pedestal had a cameo role :P

venue: my 1st rented house in Subang SS12.

Scenario: dunno what the fuck happened, Ms PA and my bro sort of hooked up or something. and my bro's punya car tak de petrol. so we were chilling in the house and my bro decided to go get petrol which is like less than 100 meters away. and i tumpang Ms PA to buy me this cheap sarsi flavored popsicles. and so they left. and then left only DHC and me. i think they were around coz they were attending some party opposite the house hosted by Mr Pedestal. or something like that la. then dunno what happened, we started to make out and almost have sex, and i teringat, eh? my bro wanna go pump petrol, how come he forgotten to drive his car one leh? so we decided to walk to the petrol kiosk to laugh at my bro's silliness (yea, so stupid right? half way wanna have sex can think like that =.=")when we sampai that petrol kiosk, only Ms PA is around and my bro wasnt there. she informed us that he asked her to go ahead to petrol kiosk 1st, he wanna go see Mr Pedestal. And then next thing i know, my dad is in the petrol kiosk. i got my popsicle and suddenly, we are back in that house. and it's already a few hours later. dad was at home, Ms PA gone, my bro is somewhere in the house too. DHC and i were in my room chilling, watching some tv. and we finally did have sex. and then he and my bro went to Mr Pedestal's party. I wasnt invited, altho DHC insisted that i go coz he wants to announce us to everyone but i didnt want Mr Pedestal to know... :P and then.......

i woke up with a very extremely bad stomachache at 6.15am =.="

i dont knw why, but i can remember most of the details of this weird dream.

oh, btw, DHC is also married with a very cute son :D


what is wrong with me? how come i am always attracted to married men? ok la, i know them that time they werent married. i m always in love with the wrong person, sigh... story of my life.

DHC is a very very nice guy. he always treat me much better than my bro treats me. we sort of grew up together also la. he started to hang out at our house and vice versa when i was 7yrs old (he stays 2 streets away). so, he is like a second brother la... then everything changed when he left kluang to study in SG under ASEAN Scholarship :)


my patience running out. obviously friendship means nothing to you. pms not tai sai, ok?

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