Saturday, June 20, 2009


.... so this big cow did a big boo boo a coupla years ago. over drugs, i was willing to let go of my dearest friends whom i've known almost all my life from primary school.

what happened ah? Welp, Telinga Serigala, Jading Woonding, Ms Windy and Jerseycow (me) used to be pretty tight lor... go to school also go together, go tuition also go together, hang out also hang out together, we had many many slumber parties together. yea... we were that tight.

so over the years, we all grow up and went our separate ways, but still got keep in contact, not often, but when we do meet up, we sure reminisce all those silly stuffs that happened to us when we were growing up. We always start off the stories by "Remember or not...." and then proceed into giggling more than we say out what happened. but all of us will definitely remember one, no need to finish the sentence also all 4 of us will already end up giggling alre.

so, what's big cow's big boo boo? welp, as most of you might have guessed or suspected, i was a drug abuser before. and the biggest mistake that i've done during my drug abusing days were..... i ffk Telinga Serigala's wedding. why? many stupid reasons, i felt that i rather use the money to SG to buy drugs than to meet up with them. drugs were my everything then. also, deep down inside i felt that i was not worthy of them. hey, i m afterall a smoker, a drug abuser and also a failure in life (that was my mentality then la). i mean Telinga Serigala has her own business, Jading Woonding is a big shot in the hotel industry and Ms Windy is like some kinda jet setter, flying to various countries to work. me? still in KL slumming. so yea, i was feeling damn insecure and inferior lor... that's why i thought it's better i m outta their life and not be a sampah masyarakat to them :(

anyway, ever since i ffk the wedding, i lagi takde muka to talk to them la. i mean, harlow, i seriously fucked up big time wei.... how to face them la? and the best part of it all was, they didnt really give up on me. once in awhile i will receive emails or sms from them. what did i do? i ignore them. too malu liao ma.... so fucked up hor??

so, after awhile, i became clean (i am damn proud to say i havent touch drugs in years lor - altho i do still miss the highness, but i didnt touch anymore) and my outlook in life also changed. i wasnt as depressed and as negative as before. and i started to keep in contact with Jading and Windy, but not Telinga Serigala. i mean wei... i feel damn no face to be her friend anymore and i figured she must have hated me like mad la... so yea... then today, Jading told me that Telinga Serigala is coming up to KL for her bro's wedding in July and she encouraged me to contact her again. and i did! :D and i m gonna meet her next month! yay! :D

anyway, the above story happens in the the span of 5 years. yep, we stopped talking for 5 years.... damn long hor? she is already a mother of a 3 yrs old daughter :D i hope to see the daughter this time also la :D

also hor, i know i have to work extra hard to get back this friendship la, coz hor, i was in the wrong in the 1st place. so i m gonna be all puppifying and go with my tail between my legs and sad puppy look :P (that's just a figure of a speech ok? :P)

so yea, big cow has finally grown up :D


ok, i know you must be thinking, why the fuck am i still in my office at 6.33pm on saturday????? work lah... u think what? :P but i m leaving soon liao la.. coz i've cleared my back log, next week will be another great busy week :D as i always say to Mr S and Finger, send horse over! (fang ma kuo lai!) :D


gonna sing k with small cow later tonite after her work! woohoo! :D i cant wait! that song below has been on a repeated mode the whole day in office today! not me! Mr S also crazy over the song, so he set it on repeated mode :P


most likely meeting MF tomorrow :D i cant wait to see him. i seriously seriously seriously is head over heels in love with him la! i dont know why!!! :D

did i tell you? i wrote him an embarrassing love email :P yea, talk about being grown up just a few lines ago, eh?

welp, u know me la... i am an extremist... do or die. why keep it inside? might as well go ahead and tell him lor :D


i really need to go off liao.... wanna go home and sleep a bit before small cow come fetch me :D

have a great weekend ahead all! :D

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