Monday, June 22, 2009

the weekend....

... that was dramatic...

let's start from Saturday night. Went karaoke with Small Cow till 3am and then i asked Small Cow if she is meeting us (MF and I) the next day or not. and she said no. and i remembered MF told me he wants to meet her too. So i sms-ed him to ask Small Cow dont wanna meet, he still wanna meet? he didnt reply....

so when i reached home, i've decided to camwhore alot :P what to do, alre put on make up and didnt take much pic ma... so hiao lor... change baju to take pic...yes, big cow also quite hiao one :P

anyway, slept till about 1pm and woke up stone a bit... watch dvd a bit... and went back to sleep. woke up with some symphony the sky were playing... and i realized it's 5pm! and MF didnt call or reply my sms! so i called him:

Me: hey, are we still meeting?
Him: erm... i dont know, i guess not la... small cow also not meeting
Me: har? erm.. ok.....
Him: you just woke up ah?
Me: ya...
Him: see? i told you, you will wake up late one...
Me: har? have to what, who knows u siao siao suddenly wanna meet late how?
Him: *laughs*
Me: so not meeting la?
Him: nope
Me: ok

after i hung up the phone, i think think think... and i started to get really angry.... like wtf??? how come meet or not have to depend on small cow one?? somemore they met only once! and yes, i was pretty jealous la... and confused and hurt and pissed....

so i sms-ed small cow to let her know. and she also like suddenly confused. anyway, conclusion of it all, after 1 hour of drama-ing with small cow, he replied my sms (i send him an sms immediately after i started to think and got angry: how come we meet or not have to depend on small cow? this is getting weird), his reply made me even more pissed la... told me it's not weird, just an excuse coz he aint feeling well. which makes me pissed off and told him i would prefer an honest answer than a weird answer anytime. thank you very much!


small cow told me he will be pissed. like hell i care???

so i got pissed, and when i m pissed, my diet are all screwed up... i called minger and dragged her out to binge with me la.... i told her my plans: eat 2 sticks of lok lok, eat 1 durian and then proceed to makan chocotop :P

what did we ended up doing? (yes, i am known to change my mind at the last minute :P), we ate 3 sticks of lok lok, and then Minger told me about this durian buffet of only RM9.90 per pax in USJ. So we went... but no buffet la... but 7biji for RM10. ok wat... :P so we went to eat and eat and eat and it was so damn good and satisfying! :D

after that, we thought of going over to KK to see baby Chanel. But alas! they all went out shopping and we didnt wanna go so far :D

We went home after that and i ended up watching some dvds again. and drama with Small Cow via sms. good drama tho... lol..... i kept on rolling on my bed laughing at her silly messages. she came over after work to pick me up coz she craving for chicken wings - at 11.30pm. went to Sri Muda, but that uncle just sold out his wings, so we ended up in Sunway.

yea, it's all about eating. :D

when i m pissed, i binge - alot!

and yes, i m still pissed.

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