Monday, March 16, 2009

weekend updates.....

.... happy happy weekend :D

afternoon in the office, received an sms from MF asking me what time i habis kerja and i went ha? late? and he went ha? i thought we are meeting today? and i went ha? i thought we are meeting for lunch tomorrow? so yea. we met on sunday... ;)

went to play pool with Finger, Mr. S & Minger at Asia Cafe before catching a movie with Small Cow and Medium Cow joining us. When we were at Asia Cafe, i told Minger, i got a feeling we will bump into ifer that nite. I can sense her presence. So anyway, we were busy laughing and playing away to really dwell into it. Anyway, we bumped into her. Or at least Minger saw her la... apparently we were going down the stairs and she were going up and i was busy reading sms to see who is who. and then when we reach the bottom of the stairs, Minger told me my prediction came true. And i went: Ha? coz i didnt see her ma.... anyway, we watched The Reader. All i can say is, get the fucking DVD :P too many censored scenes and we were late. so missed the begining. didnt go anywhere after the movie.

Sunday (beautiful Sunday):
went out with MF. i thought it was only for lunch. but it became a full day thingie. i m so in love :x it was nothing out of ordinary, went for a late late late brunch (think 3ish) and then went for a movie at the gardens (stupid movie called City of Ember) and then went for dinner. the thing is, i never expect the date will stretch for so long :) everytime i thought, ok, this is it, aint gonna meet him for another 2 years (erm... yea - it's complicated) and then he suggested movie. after movie he drove to the wrong direction and then turn back to PJ and i was thinking, ok, this is it, aint gonna meet him for another 2 years, and he suggested dinner :) i really really really enjoy myself with him coz we can really talk. the chemistry is really really really strong. but it's really really really wrong. he is still having the same gf. oh btw, BF is married with 2 kids =.=" there goes my crush :P i cant elaborate more coz we found out last nite, some of our ex classmates are so damn fucking kaypohchi that they somehow know about us and, welp, it's not nice. and i dont wanna get interrogated anymore. so basically, just treat it like it's a one sided thingie, ok? i love MF. i dont think he has the same feeling. and even if he does, it's useless, nothing will ever come out of it. we are just good friend. so, mr kaypohchi, PLEASE do not fucking call him to dig info and please do not put me on the hot seat and interrogate me in front of other ex classmates! erm... other than that, it was still a beautiful sunday :) next meeting, should be next month la. :D

anyway, gonna end my story here. i know most of u are confused. coz what ever i wrote here are just snippets of whatever is on my mind. the reason why i dont wanna talk so much is, welp, i have a memory of a dory and i dont remember who did i gave this url to and i dont wanna be like what happened previously in my previous blog. so yea :D

enjoy this song! :D

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