Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Confession of a Shopaholic...

... went to watch with small cow, minger and lm last nite. this must be the most expensive free tickets i've ever had :P we drove all the way down to seremban to collect the redemption coupon and then drove all the way to cineleisure :P overall, the movie was fucking funny... damn different from the book. one thing i noticed is that they have combined both 1st and 2nd books together and changed the plot quit alot. nevertheless, it was still fucking funny. dont care what others says about how bimboistic this show or the book is, it is funny :)

so anyway, i m sick - AGAIN. yea... coughing like mad now... of all sickness, i hate coughs the worst. coz damn hard to recover one...

oh oh oh... yea, i m still in love :D

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