Monday, March 16, 2009

i woke up happy happy in the bubble, but now i m annoyed. received a dramatic sms from lm telling me that she left the redemption ticket in seremban. so i was thinking of making a trip to seremban to pick up the tix since i m on half day today. then see see, she told me she think she may have thrown away the tix. that still ok, but she went on dramaticing (i was driving then) telling me i have to choose 1 of them (minger or small cow) to watch the movie today. and telling me to tell them to hate her. woi! stop being so dramatic can or not? shit happens. i m not annoyed by the fact that the redemption tix is gone. i m just annoyed at the situation i m put in, breaking the news to them and also annoyed at the dramatic-ness. woi, early morning cannot have drama one leh!

giving her credit, she did tell of a good news, next week got redemption of same movie in 1u. but the news also not that good la. the shows starts at 6pm. everyone is still working la. so the good news like no news also.

i malas to bitch more. i wanna crawl back to my happy happy bubble (yes, the date went extremely well yesterday ;))

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