Friday, March 27, 2009


... is my mom's bday. and i m still contemplating if i should call her. you see, every year, without fail, i will call her to wish her happy bday and without fail, she will scream and shout at me making me cry. so yea. i m still wondering if i should call her.

no, i never claim that my family is normal. i grew up in a dysfunctional family. and during my teenage rebellious years, i was a nightmare that parents cant control, or rather dont have much rights to control. now that i've grown older and age is creeping eeriely fast on my parents, i've insaf. i mean how many more years do i have left to spend my quality times with them? so whenever they pisses me off, i bite my tongue (yes, i do that like 70% of the times i am with them). i think indirectly they are giving me a taste of my own medicine :P seriously. ask my cousins, i was everyone's worst nightmare :D

so yea, still thinking if i should call her. :P

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