Friday, March 27, 2009

love hate relationship...

... with my bro

as i said, it's my mom's bday today. so i sms-ed my bro and sis-in-law in usa to remind them. the sms i sent reads like this:

It's mummy's birthday today! And she is all alone coz pa is in thailand! Pls call her to make her happy.

and here's the email he sent:

Big Cow,

I received your SMS 10-15 mins ago. In the future, please don't send SMS unless it is truly an emergency as SMS cost me even though I am the recipient and not the sender. FYI, I did not pay for an unlimited SMS plan. I do check emails regularly.

I am still in Kansas and won't be back in California till late in Friday (3/27) evening.

I will try to call Mom over the weekend.


Brother Cow.

i m pissed. i am still thinking of how to reply him. so far what i've written is:


mummy's bday is today. not this weekend.

she is sad as it is being alone on her bday. calling her on the actual day is the least her children can do.

but knowing my bro, he will get all sensitive and start a war at me. what i am so pissed about is that all our lives, mummy loves him the most. everytime we get into trouble, i get the beatings, not him. and he is an OLDER brother somemore! she even admitted that she is being unfair. but then again, since my dad loves me more, it's ok. that's one of the main reason why i m not that close to my mom. but this.... this is too much la.....

edit: i emailed that to him.

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