Tuesday, March 10, 2009

dear diary....

... yesterday i met the man that i m gonna marry..... :P

no la... just a crush on this guy whom i was doing mystery shopping on :D lol. stupid MF aint replying my sms on that guy =.="

the date with MF on sunday nite went smoothly. in fact, it was fucking fantastic! :D gonna meet him again next week :D

let's get this straight. i am/have been in love with MF since Form 4. but it's not gonna work out la. we are too good of a friend to be together :D and this guy whom i met yesterday whom i am gonna marry, BF, welp, i m just having a major fucking crush on him. like those giggly school girl kinda crush... :P

so anyway, met up with kaima, kaiyeh, abang, tasya and the gang on saturday nite for dinner. then went over to cyberjaya to play gin rummy :P then went home to continue watching dvds until 6am. at around 8ish, Mr. FFK sms-ed me to tell me he cant make it. but i only saw the sms at 10ish and i replied: Expected that. and went back to sleep :P woke up around 4ish, continue with my dvd and then went out with minger for dinner (date with MF was set at 10pm)... okie, dont wanna elaborate more liao. anyway, yesterday went to do the mystery shopping gig and i fell in crush. :D end of story :D damn potong stim right? yea, i also think so. :P as potong stim as u were crying halfway watching the stupid dvd and then suddenly the show ends and u gotta change the dvd only to find out that the other dvd aint working! grrr.... yea.... that's what happened. went all the way to kota kemuning to pinjam from linda so that i can fucking finish watching the show. then see see, i watch habis that dvd and wanna put in the last dvd to watch, it cannot be played =.=" seriously, it's just not my luck to watch that fucking drama la. but the good news is, the dvd player in the living room can watch la.... so am contemplating on moving the dvd player into the room :D

yes, i m still happy happy.... :D

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