Saturday, March 7, 2009

long weekend is here.... kaima and kaiyeh is in town. gonna meet them tonite... i guess. cant wait for tomorrow :D *excited*

so i have 1 confirmed date tomorrow night and not confirmed date tomorrow afternoon. i m so looking forward to tomorrow nite. i miss him. a hell of a lot! i love the fact that we are so comfortable with each other.

tomorrow afternoon's date? welp. it's just a date. ho hum.

monday will be at lot 10 doing the mystery shopper thingie.

am super fucking sleepy right now. it was quite stupid actually.

actually hor, i got nothing to write at all la.

the bitch who claimed to wanna leave but never leave is playing more games. and it's kinda disgusting.

oh yea, minger and i went lok-lok-ing last nite and then after that i was craving for 'mat tou yao' and drove all the way to taipan only to find out the van is not there :( so she suggested Pappa Rich coz apparently they have Durian Chendol and Durian ABC. went inside there, view the menu for quite awhile, and i decided there's nothing i want there (no Durian Chendol, got Durian ABC but i am not willing to pay RM9.80 for 1 bowl of Durian ABC where i can get it for RM5 elsewhere) so we did a Jading Woonding's stunt. we apologized politely and informed them that we are leaving. :P then minger reminded me that Jading did that in Victoria Station years ago... which i totally forgotten coz i only remember the most recent one which was in Club Quattro. where we saw the menu and couldnt bring ourselves to eat malaysian fares there... :P so anyway, after Pappa Rich, i was still craving for desserts. and we saw this shop named Happy Beans. decided to try it and i regretted big time :( it was some kinda weird ass taiwanese desserts shop that i guess i do not know how to appreciate la :P so i ate like maximum 5 spoonfuls and i cant take it anymore. yea... it's that bad :P minger was braver. she took half a bowl :P

so anyway, we just had a meeting. there will be a bbq party at my office this 28th. and i was told that i can/should bring minger :P minger, what say u? ;-)

the party is suppose to be a farewell party for TUB. but damn stupid, the lady boss told us dunno when TUB is leaving, up to her, if she wants to leave, she can leave. ok, no mood to bitch about her. bitch next time la :D

ok la. dun wanna blog liao....

no feeling too well. bye.

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