Wednesday, March 11, 2009

big cow....

... is having a silly high school crush and i m being all giggly about it :P

so i stumbled upon this location and i was thinking... hmmm... this is such a perfect place to get married off... u know, a place where the bridegroom come with his heng tai to pick up the bride? and also a perfect tea ceremony place.

so i wrote to minger in fb:

Subject: my perfect 'tea ceremony' home

minger! minger! u see ah, if BF and i got married in KL, i wanna do everything in KL, meaning to say, if we wanna have tea ceremony or they come and collect bride, we need a place to do it right?

welp, i've found it!! i've found it!!! :D

wokie... gotta stop giggling and dreaming and get back to work :P

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