Wednesday, February 4, 2009

inane post...

feeling damn drowsy right now... everytime i take those drowsy pills before sleep, i wake up feeling extremely drowsy.... fell asleep whilst driving to work just now... this is bad...... but the good thing is, i havent cough much today :D erm.. scratch that... nanti start coughing again :P

went shabu shabu with small cow and mr. wong last nite in Puchong :D it was fantastic! we went for the buffet and we laughed too much and too loud until the workers were looking at us one kind :P to go into the kiasu spirit, i went "Mr wong! Mr Wong! prawns! prawns!" whenever the conveyor belt brings over prawns... and then he also one kind one, ter-influenced by me, he also kiasu-ly grab those prawns :P which makes small cow (who were sitting in btwn us) laughed non stop! we seriously ate too much last nite... it was scary. and i told small cow i m gonna swear off eating for the rest of my life! :P small cow wishes to vomit just by thinking about shabu shabu or steamboat (which a little bird told me, she and mr wong is going for steamboat buffet again this thursday - LOL! i can imagine small cow's face turning green :P) honestly speaking, i think this shabu shabu buffet thingie is quite worth it la... we took a lot of sliced pork, fish, prawns and god knows what... actually hor, i dont really wanna blog about this shabu shabu liao... coz the mere thoughts of it makes me wanna puke.... like seriously! :P

just received a call... got meeting later on. damn. i hate wednesday meetings. :( the meeting consist of a few characters. 1, the boss, who knows what he/she wants, 2, the yes person, who do not know what is going on, but agrees to whatever the boss says, 3, the observer, who do not speaks but knows exactly what is going on, 4, the victim, the one who tries damn hard to do what the boss wants and deliver the result. guess which character am i? :) even before the meeting, i already know how the meeting will end. not pretty sight at all... sigh....

damn fucking drowsy la... i close eyes only can fall asleep liao! :(

malas to think of what to write alre, will write more when i m feeling better la. bye.

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